Mayagüez 2010: XXI Central American and Caribbean Games

XXI Central American and Caribbean Games will be held this year from July 17 until August 1, 2010 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

President of the Borad of Directors of Mayagüez 2010 Felipe Pérez-Grajales announced that this year’s event will be dedicated to the neighboring nation of Haiti and the aftermath of the recent 7.3 earthquake suffered by its people in January. Pérez-Grajales wrote to Haitian Olympic Committee president Jean Baker, expressing that “With this recognition, we would like to honor the courage and dedication of the Haitian athletes that will represent their country with a true Olympic spirit. We emphasize the determination of the Haitian people and we hope to welcome the delegation with open arms on July 17.”

Although residents of Mayagüez and surrounding areas have often expressed their disbelief and wonder whether all facilities will be ready by that date, laborers are apparently working at breakneck speed to add the finishing touches and have everything ready for the arrival of the international teams. Pérez-Grajales has expressed his satisfaction with the logistics, protocols, new installations, transportation system, and other details, and states that Mayagüez is ready to present the “best Central American and Caribbean Games ever.”

Among the 31 Mission Chairs this year, 6 are women: Jaqueline Van-Putten (Aruba), Stephanie Dianne Miller (Bahamas), Donna Mae Watson (Bermuda), Miriam Leonor Suárez (Colombia), Ana Amapola Arimany (Guatemala), and Sara Rosario de Meltz (Puerto Rico).

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Shown here: Sara Rosario de Meltz, Chair of the Puerto Rico Mission; photo from

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