Haiti: Original Painting of a Destroyed Religious Mural to Be Auctioned

A painting of an important religious mural that was destroyed in the earthquake in Haiti this year will be auctioned off on May 11, 2010, at Bonham’s in New York. The painting is “Nativity” by Haitian artist Rigaud Benoit. Painted in 1950 (oil on masonite, 20 x 16 inches), this work was commissioned a The work was produced around the time Benoit was commissioned, along with three other leading Haitian artists, to paint a monumental mural series in the apse of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, located close to the National Palace in the central square of Port-au-Prince. It was the first time local artists were invited and paid to create art for a public space.

The painting shows a Haitian Madonna surrounded by angels and devotees in a local village. Its selling price is estimated between $8,000 and 12,000. It will be auctioned off on May 11 at a sale of modern, contemporary, and Latin American art at Bonhams. With the original mural now destroyed, this painting carries a significant artistic legacy. The consignor has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the painting to the charity Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief. Bonhams will also contribute a significant portion of the sale proceeds to the relief group.

Patrick Meade, Chief Operating Officer of Bonhams, says that “Bonhams is pleased to offer a Latin American work of historical significance, as ‘Nativity’” and that “the company is honored to continue its rich tradition of supporting and encouraging charitable causes around the globe.”

For full article (in English), see http://artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=37792

For full article (in Spanish), see http://www.primerahora.com/diario/noticia/cultura/viveatumanera/subastan__estudio__de_mural_de_catedral_haitiana_destruida_/383723

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