Enrique Laguerre

Today we commemorate the birth of Enrique Arturo Laguerre Vélez. Although he was born July 15, 1905, most people honor him according to the date on his birth certificate: May 3, 1906. He died in June 16, 2005, a month short of his 100th birthday. Laguerre was a well-known writer, teacher, and critic from Moca, Puerto Rico. A prolific writer, he published novels, short stories, plays, criticism, and journalistic pieces, such as his columns for El Vocero (Puerto Rican newspaper).

Laguerre studied at the University of Puerto Rico and Columbia University. He was a teacher from 1924 to 1988. Some of his most well-known early novels are Solar Montoya (1941), La resaca (1949), La llamarada (1955), La ceiba en el tiesto (1956), El fuego y su aire (1970), and Los amos benévolos (1977). Laguerre also used pen-names such as Tristán Ronda, Luis Urayoán, Motial, and Alberto Prado, among others.

Also see, http://enc.slider.com/Enc/Enrique_Laguerre

Photo from http://www.prpop.org/noticias/jun05/enriquelaguerre_jun18.shtml

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