In Bermuda, the “Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser”

Flamingos will soon litter lawns all over the island of Bermuda as part of a fundraiser for the Bermuda Zoological Society. Premier Dr. Ewart Brown launched the “Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser” in order to raise money for educational programs at the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ). Flocks of flamingos will be available to private and corporate participants who wish to surprise relatives, friends,  and colleagues by paying to have a flock of the birds planted on their properties.

BAMZ principal curator Ian Walker insists that while the project promises to be lots of fun, the initiative has a serious purpose because “all funds raised will benefit BZS environmental education and important conservation projects.” BZS volunteer coordinator Joanne Chisnall adds, “Flamingo flocking should be done with good intentions and we suggest participants choose ‘victims’ with a sense of humour. We want this fundraiser to be fun and safe for all involved, including our precious, but tacky, pink flamingos.” Every evening, members of the BZS flocking crew will deliver about 20 of the bright plastic birds to the lawn or office of unsuspecting targets, where they will remain for 24 hours.

Residential flocking costs $50 to sponsor and corporate flocking is $250. Anti-flocking insurance is also available at $50, for those who do not wish to have flamingos on their lawn. Flamingos can be ordered on the flamingo flocking hotline (441) 293-4464 extension 130.

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