CUPEs Claude Généreux and Other Canadian Union Leaders Travel to Haiti

CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer Claude Généreux, along with nine union leaders, arrived in Haiti on April 30 on a solidarity visit that will end on May 6. The delegation, including representatives from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) celebrated International Workers’ Day on May 1st in Port-au-Prince. Other activities will include visits to areas affected by the recent earthquake, distribution of aid packages, and the set up of a more secure and safe union office.

An important part of the visit is an 18-month work plan to be developed with Public Services International’s Haitian affiliate the Confederation des Travailleurs et Travailleuses des Secteurs Public et Prive (CTSP) [Confederation of Public and Private Sector Workers]. Goals include helping the children and relatives of earthquake victims, strengthening CTSP, promoting quality public services, and decent jobs, and monitoring the implementation of the Haiti Action Plan.

Généreux says that “Unionists from Haiti and all over the world want to ensure the country is not rebuilt on a failed model. Haitians deserve quality public services and infrastructure. Unfortunately, decisions regarding the use of aid money and the priorities for reconstruction are being taken out of the hands of the Haitian people. We think Haitians know best and should preside over their own construction. The PSI delegation is here to help build Haitian capacity to do just that.”

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