Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway: 50th Anniversary of their Meeting in Cuba

The 50th anniversary of the first meeting between the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, and famed U.S. writer Ernest Hemingway, in May 1960, will be commemorated with a series of special events in Cuba. From May 12 to 15 there will be a commemorative event recalling the International Swordfish Fishing Tournament where the two men coincided.

Director of the Hemingway House-Museum, Ada Rosa Alfonso, recalled that on that occasion, Castro, on board the yacht named Crystal, won first prize with the capture of five swordfish at the Marina Barlovento [Windward Marina], now called the Hemingway Marina. She also emphasized how Hemingway’s relationship with Cuba, the Revolution, and its leader, has been distorted and manipulated.

Alfonso stresses that Hemingway always “loved this island, lived the years prior to the triumph of 1959, and expressed his confidence in the revolutionary process,” as he stated in a letter to general Charles T. Lanham, on January 12, 1960:  “Saying that you are not a Yankee imperialist, but rather a boy from old San Francisco de Paula, the village where you have lived twenty years in recent times, is not a renunciation of your citizenship. I am a good American and I have been fighting for my country as much as possible, without remuneration and without ambition. But I believe fully in the historical necessity of the Cuban revolution.”

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2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway: 50th Anniversary of their Meeting in Cuba

  1. On the 1960 Ernest Hemingway Fishing Tournament, the last during the author’s life, Fidel Castro did get “first prize”, but Mr. Castro did not catch the “largest” marlin. That prize went to Manuel Cadenas from Habana Yacht Club. see photo of marlin at

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