Bermuda: Truck Conversion to Biofuel for Environmental Protection

Water Now, a company established in Bermuda in 2009 and, is still a recent addition to the water trucking industry. However, it has continued efforts to utilize the latest technology to provide a first-class customer service while protecting the environment.

The last few years, Bermuda has incorporated the use of Mack trucks that run on biofuels, specifically, a recycled vegetable oil blend (RVO). Owner of Water Now Darren De Silva also made a decision to replace his original diesel Chevrolet truck with a converted high capacity Mack out of a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

He explains, “In its factory form Water Now’s high capacity Mack truck would have added better than 15-30 tons per year of new C02 to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. Now upgraded, our truck contributes less than 1 per cent of this, as its primary fuel sources are ‘carbon neutral.’ We start up on a blend of petroleum and biodiesel (B30), and then switch over to a recycled/processed vegetable oil based fuel. In addition to the CO2 reduction, when running on our fuel (99 per cent of running time) carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 43 per cent, hydrocarbons by 56 per cent, particulates by 55 per cent, sulphurs (a key cause of acid rain), are reduced by 100 per cent – plus it smells good!”

De Silva is referring to the fact that Bermuda’s latest green endeavor produces as a by-product an “intoxicating aroma”— smell of French fries. Bermudians may have been under the impression that a mobile French fry stand has been operating on the island. “De Silva is just one crusader for a greener future; all he needs to do now is stop making Bermudians hungry when he delivers their water.”

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