Inter-American Development Bank Pledges More Funding for Haiti

According to RTT News, Haiti will receive an additional $90 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for a series of renovation efforts and development projects to help the country cope with the impact of the devastating January earthquake. The funds include a grant of $50 million to help provide budgetary support to Haiti. The grant will also help the country to rebuild some of its key fiscal institutions such as the national tax agency or DGI, whose headquarters were completely destroyed in the quake, and to cover wages.

A separate amount of $30 million dollars is intended to help relocate some 5,000 families from tent camps in high risk areas in the Port-au-Prince.

A $10 million grant from the Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin American and the Caribbean is in place to improve water supplies to 60, 000 Haitians in rural communities. Haitian authorities have identified Artibonite (with 1.5 million inhabitants) as urgently in need of water and sanitation.

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Photo of the Artibonite River from

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