Ceramics Exhibition by Marlies Schoenmakers in Curaçao

Mon Art Gallery present s new exhibition of ceramics by Marlies Schoenmakers, “’Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.” The exhibition will open on May 7 at 7:00pm with an introduction by Nicole Henriquez, and will be on view till May 22, 2010. The gallery is located at Rif Fort, Unit 103, in Otrobanda, Curaçao.

Schoenmakers explains that her collection “includes ceramic objects with soft, smooth shapes” and a “particular sensuality of the form.” She adds that, while the objects are solid, the elasticity of the material is still visible.” This flexibility is reflected in the title of the exhibition, which refers to the Caribbean “laid-back” feeling. Two large walls in the exhibition space will include her collection of ceramic birds. The artist, who wants to express a feeling of falling in love with the Caribbean, hopes that the spectator will enjoy her translation of that emotion.

Marlies Schoenmakers was born in the Netherlandsin 1961 and moved to Curaçao in 1995. She is inspired by nature, especially the smooth soft lines of shells and seeds. Her work is about “flowing form and stilled movement.” Besides her exhibitions in Curaçao, Schoenmakers’ work can be found in galleries in the Netherlands.

For more information (in Dutch), see http://www.monartgallerycuracao.com/index.php?topic=exposities_nl

Also see http://www.curacao.com/The-Curacao-Difference/Our-People-and-Culture/Local-Artists/Marlies-Schoenmakers

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