World’s Oldest Person Votes in Cuban Elections

The world oldest person, Cuban Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodríguez, aged 125, exercised her right to vote in her own house in the Cuban eastern city of Bayamo. Rodríguez´s record has not been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records, but she was born on February 2, 1885, in the Santa Rosa Farm, in the town of Ceiba Hueca, in Granma province. Her birth is registered in volume I, page 35 of the local Civil Registry, as registered under her mother’s statement 25 days after Rodríguez’s birth.
The (quite) elderly woman cast her ballot at nine am yesterday, with the assistance of Humberto Magaña, secretary of the 73rd constituency’s polling station, along pioneers Aniurys Sorzano and Yelián Núñez. Magaña and the children went to the home of her granddaughter, Margarita Cabrera, since Rodríguez cannot see or walk anymore.
In statements made to ACN over the phone, Candulia, as Rodríguez is known in her neighborhood, said she has participated in 14 elections since 1976, when the Socialist Constitution was approved, because of her willingness to defend the Revolution. Rodríguez “prayed God to give the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro good health and long life, and reiterated an old phrase of hers: ‘Another Fidel will not come into this world; there are not two like him.’” A fan of Fidel, I guess.
She also said she would like to meet Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, whom she calls “another Fidel”, and whom she listens to on a regular basis on TV.

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