Festival of Short Films from the Antilles and French Guiana

The first Festival of Short Films from the Antilles and French Guiana [1er Festival de courts métrages Antilles-Guyane] began in Guadeloupe last week and ends today. Taking place in a different department each year—Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana—this is the festival’s first edition. Its aim is to help encourage local talent, to provide a vehicle for the representation of French Caribbean history/stories, to favor expression of local cultures, and to further awareness of the legacies that serve as a framework of the Antilles.

The jury members are actor, director and jury president Lucien Jean-Baptiste, musician Fred Deshayes, writer Ernest Pépin, manager Marie-Claude Pernelle, and director/producer Raymond Philogène. Winners have not yet been announced.

Bondamanjak reports that among 15 of the competing films they were able to view, five of them especially caught their attention; these are Véronique Kanor’s La femme qui passe [The Woman Passing By], Patrice Le Namouric’s Le coach, Imanou Petit’s Guyane, and Olivier Ozier-Lafontaine’s Apocalypse, all from Martinique, and Dominique Duport’s Anfabey from Guadeloupe.

See film excerpts at http://www.festivalprixdecourt.com/

For full article (in French), see http://www.bondamanjak.com/guadeloupe/27-a-la-une/9394-1er-festival-de-courts-metrages-antilles-guyane.html

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