New Book: Camille Moutoussamy’s Princesse Sita

Martinican writer Camille Moutoussamy has just published the latest novel, Princesse Sita: Aux sources de l’épopée du Ramayana [Princesse Sita : At the Source of of the Ramayana Epic] (L’Harmattan, 2010). Moutoussamy’s third book was launched at Espace Camille-Darsières (at the Palace of Justice) in Fort-de-France, Martinique, on April 20, 2010, in the context of a series of public presentations organized by “Tous Créoles!” association. Lawyer Danielle Marceline, and professors Nicole Delsham and Renuka Dévi-Voisset, participated in a panel to present the novel, while Jocelyn Abattuci, journalist, served as moderator.

The publisher’s description reads: “This initiatory, epic novel features Sita, a child-princess cradled at Videha, kingdom of her father, King Janaka. Hers is a birth surrounded by mystery. The day that she is married to Prince Rama, lawful heir to the powerful kingdom of Ayodhya, she becomes one of the main characters around which will develop the epic of the Ramayana, one of the major founding poems of Indian civilization. .  . The author plunges us into the heart of ancient India. [. . .] Princess Sita, is the intersecting destiny crossover of three women: a princess (Sitā itself), a queen (Kaikeyi) and a slave (Mantharā). In their quest for power and legitimacy, they place face to face, on one side: love, loyalty, wisdom, renunciation, faith, and virtue; on the other: ambition, the intrigue, pretense, appropriation, the betrayal and vices of humans, gods, and demons. Will the face of the world be changed? This is the major question posed in this novel of constant movement. It is at once spiritual, ethical, ecological, with a touch of the erotic.”

Camille Moutoussamy, also author of Eclats d’Inde (2003), and J’ai rêvé de Kos-City (2005) is a defender of the Indian presence in Creole cultural heritage and identity.

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One thought on “New Book: Camille Moutoussamy’s Princesse Sita

  1. Is there a source in the U.S.A. to buy the book “Princese Sita”? If not, please let me know from whom I could order it.

    P.N. Sarma

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