Cubadisco Fair 2010

Cubadisco 2010, an event that awards the best in Cuban musical production, is drawing near. Related performances and announcement of the awards will take place on May 15-23, 2010.

Ciro Benemelis, president of the organizing committee, said that in the categories of popular and dance music, the competition is very strong due to the high quality of all the nominated albums. Some of the competing albums in dance music include Charanga Habanera’s No mires la carátula and Mango by Arnaldo Rodríguez and his group Talismán. Pop music entries include Ernesto Blanco’s Kilómetro cero, Patricio Amaro’s Dulce locura, Haydée Milanés’ A la felicidad, Diana Fuentes’ Amargo pero dulce (album cover shown here), and Jacqueline Vell’s Mírame.

There have been many new artists nominated this year in many of the categories, including dance music, pop, jazz, fusion, rock, rap, and instrumental music. Some of these include Yasek Manzano’s Amnios 1407, Rember Duharte’s Cimarrón, Aire D’ Concierto’s Con clarinete, and Alter Ego’s Sones y flores.  

A new category has also been added this year for música campesina, the country/folk music of Cuba. Benemelis explains that the organization would like to highlight the relevance of this type of melody, underlining that “much of this art will be lost if it is not recorded.”

Among the nominations for the International Prize are the Puerto Rican groups Calle 13—who performed in Havana in March—for their album Los de atrás vienen conmigo, and Orquesta Mapeyé, for El ritual de la fiesta de Mapeyé.

For full article by Yelanys Hernández Fusté, see

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