Call for Papers: “Haiti, History, Healing”

The Haitian Studies Association calls for papers for its 22nd Annual Conference, “Haiti, History, Healing: Facing the Challenge of Reconstruction.” The conference will be held November 11-13, 2010, at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. The deadline for proposals is May 31, 2010.

“The devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, shifted the contours of Haitian studies. The enormous loss of life and physical destruction of significant parts of the capital and other areas have resulted in unprecedented challenges for Haiti, and made more important the need for careful reflection as well as plans for rebuilding. The multiple challenges and opportunities include: new developments in the governmental and social services; rebuilding of the political, economic and educational infrastructure; internal and external migration; cultural patrimony; public health—physical and mental; religion; and the rediscovery of Haiti’s past as an element of cultural identity and hope for the future. The Haitian Studies Association is inviting proposals for papers related to these and other themes as a way of collectively rethinking the process of reconstruction to the future of the nation.”

The organizers are particularly interested in panels, papers, posters, videos, exhibits, readings, lectures, discussion groups, and listening sessions that examine and present a holistic understanding of Haiti and Haitian studies from a wide variety of disciplines. They seek to highlight Haitian projects with both local and global implications. Selected papers from the conference will appear in the Journal of Haitian Studies (JOHS), a refereed academic publication of the Haitian Studies Association, to be issued approximately one year following the conference.

For detailed information, guidelines for general participation in the conference, and proposal submission form, see

Image: Toussaint L’Ouverture

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