New Film: Rafi Mercado’s Miente Hits Festivals in the U.S.

 Rafi Mercado’s first film, Miente [Lie], will soon be seen by audiences in New York, Chicago and Texas.  This psychological thriller will be screened at the Havana Film Festival in New York (April 18 and 20), the Chicago Latino Film Festival (April 23 and 25), and the Cine Las Américas Festival in Austin, Texas, (April 22).

The film is an adaptation of Different, a novel by Puerto Rican writer Javier Ávila, with a screenplay by José Ignacio Valenzuela. It is produced by Sonia Fritz, Frances Lausell, and Ileana Ciena. Director Rafi Mercado also worked on production design with Mailara Santana. [Also see Miente: New Puerto Rican film.]

The film depicts an artist named Henry (Oscar Guerrero), whose life moves between reality and fiction. This young man’s life is altered by the sensual Paula (Mariana Santángelo) and the unexpected appearance of Diff (Frank Perozo), which will show Henry other aspects of life.

The Puerto Rican chapter of the Federación Iberoamericana de Productores Cinematográficos y Audiovisuales, chaired by Ramón Almodóvar, has chosen Miente to compete for the Luis Buñuel Award in Spain.

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