New Book: A Warrior’s Passage

A Warrior’s Passage is Steve Hyppolite’s first novel. A science fiction novel for young adults, this work has been described as “a gripping tale where the power of two ancient cultures transcends time.” The main character, Christina Nightbird Little Wolf Cesar, lives a life steeped in beliefs from her Haitian and Native American backgrounds. Here is a description of the novel with a link to several reviews below:

Haunted by persistent dreams that come with mysterious pains, Christina’s young life is thrown into a world on the hinge between the real and surreal. Two murders, possibly linked to one another, pose an intangible danger for the young girl.

Someone is coming after her—but who, and why? Her loving mother, Claudia Little Wolf Cesar, who is of Haitian descent, tries to protect her daughter from the unknown menace. Shilah Little Wolf, her Native American uncle, risks his life for her.

And yet, the indomitable power of the one seeking the young girl continues to resist the forces of her Native American culture. They receive a small glimmer of hope from Madame Moise, a Haitian voodoo priestess. There is, literally, a race against time to save Christina’s life before it is too late. Can they stop the evil before it gets to her?

[Currently residing in Miami, Florida, Steve Hyppolite was born in Freeport, Bahamas, to Haitian parents.]

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