Cuba/Caribe Festival: From Katrina to Port-au-Prince to San Francisco

The 6th Annual Cuba/Caribe Festival, the acclaimed annual three-week celebration of Afro-Caribbean music and dance opened at San Francisco’s Dance Mission Theater this weekend. The theater is located at 3316 24th Street in San Francisco, California.

The festival this year is subtitled “From Katrina to Port-au-Prince,” to honor how history is recorded within the dancing body and to explore how the Caribbean Diaspora is constantly evolving, driven by economic displacement, political instability, or natural disasters. It pays tribute to the struggle, perseverance, and spirit of the people who continue creating music and dance forms, from Katrina to Port-au-Prince to San Francisco.

The festival promotes the rich and diverse traditions of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora as reflected in music, dance, theater, social concerns, and religion. It highlights the many dance and music forms of Cuba including the sacred Orisha dances, salsa, mambo, son, rumba, folkloric dance, and Modern /African dance performances. There will also be musical presentations of the Nueva Trova (new song) movement that “pays homage to the revolutionary spirit of Cuban people and their strong sense of internationalism.”

Performers include the Cuban-rooted Alayo Dance Company and New Orleans treasure Ausetta Amor Amenhum and the Kumbuka African Drum and Dance Collective. Performances are held Fridays-Sundays through May 2; show times vary.

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