Charles Juhász-Alvarado, Miguel Luciano, and Guerra de la Paz at Exit Art

“Global/National—The Order of Chaos” is a current art exhibition, curated by Papo Colo, that runs through May 1 (it opened March 13).  Exit Art is located at 475 Tenth Avenue in New York City.

As co-founder, artistic director, Papo Colo describes, “Global/National—The Order of Chaos” is an exhibition that “addresses the anxieties of economics, environmental tragedies, and societies of control that define the chaos of globalization. It explores these social issues in an aesthetic way to demystify the notion of art only as an ornamental production. This vision includes images from abstraction to figuration, from direct messages to esoteric thoughts. The exhibition investigates how local artists from a variety of backgrounds are placed in relation to the rest of the world. Seen through a global lens, this exhibition explores the multiple cultures that populate our general culture and how the local and national are inextricably linked to the global. Curated by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo, this exhibition examines “the tensions of uncontrollable forces that are dislocating our society to redefine a new civilization.”

Among the Caribbean artists participating in the exhibition are Guerra de la Paz, Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, and Miguel Luciano. Guerra de la Paz is the composite name of Cuban-born artist duo Alain Guerra (1965) and Neraldo de la Paz (1968) that, based in Miami, Florida, have been collaborating since 1996. Miguel Luciano was born in Puerto Rico in 1972. He received his MFA from the University of Florida and since then has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including the Kréyol Factory exhibition in Paris in 2009 [also see Caribbean Artists Explore Creole Identities in Paris: Kréyol Factory] and the “Pimp my Piragua” mobile public art project commissioned by the Queens Museum of Art in New York in 2008. Charles Juhász-Alvarado was born in the Philippines in 1965 of Cuban-Puerto Rican/Hungarian parents and was raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. After completing his Masters degree in Art at Yale University, he moved to Puerto Rico. He is well-known for his witty installations that involve sculpture, audio, narrative, and performance, often allegories of today’s multicultural and ever-shifting society.

Curator and cultural producer Papo Colo founded Exit Art in 1982 with Jeanette Ingberman. Born in Puerto Rico, Colo is an interdisciplinary artist, known for his work in performance, theater, installation art, painting, writing, and graphic design.

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