STOP: New Awareness Group in Antigua and Barbuda

The awareness group S.T.O.P (Sick and Tired of Paedophilia) has been formed in Antigua and Barbuda to highlight the numerous incidents of child sexual exploitation in the country and to find solutions to the problem. Co-creators Kam Wright and Nelisa Spencer have set up a Facebook forum where members may share their feelings about this social issue and read news items about child molestation cases.

The aim is to keep raise awareness about this issue and to set up a core group to offer advice, guidance, and ideas for fighting this problem. The core group will ultimately include a pastor, a legal professional, a social worker/psychologist, a journalist, a police officer, and a medical practitioner, as well as teachers, parents, and victims.

The organizers explain, “What we have come to realize is that too many of our children are suffering in silence as victims of paedophilia. They are raped and molested often by people they have grown to love and trust. They lose their innocence and grow up in a world that they do not understand, because they think that inappropriate sexual behaviors aren’t that inappropriate after all. Too many victims in Antigua bury their heads, strength and will in shame, when there is absolutely no need for them to feel ashamed, disgusted or hateful of who they are.”

Wright and Spencer feel that the best way to stop the abuse is to get everyone involved especially those who sometimes ignore the crime and “choose to live in denial or fear, leaving the child to fend for him/herself.” The organizers want to gather a strong group of committed people to find a way to reach abused children and to help them learn how to stand up and speak out.

To join this cause today, become a member of the Facebook group or send an email to

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