New Book: L’Épopée du rastafarisme

L’Épopée du rastafarisme [The Epic of Rastafarianism], by Anne-Marie Sophie Colomé (Éditions l’Harmattan, 2010), is a new book on Rastafarianism and the Rasta way of life.

The publisher’s description reads: What do you know about the Rastafarians? The Rastas have existed for close to a century: the first, coming out of from slavery, were illiterate and without trades. How did this handful of lost men, oppressed for centuries managed to create a way of life in Jamaica, the “Livity” currently practiced by millions of individuals around the world? Spirituality, ecology, in-depth knowledge of the Bible, non-violence, love and brotherhood; they are also vegetarian and denounce injustices regularly.

For purchasing information, see

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