St. Maarten’s Boardwalk Mas

Head of the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau (STB) Regina Labega announced that the 6th Annual Boardwalk Mas will take place at the Great Bay Beach promenade and Wathey Square on Frontstreet on May 15, 2010. The Mas is coordinated for the STB by St. Martin’s Offshore Editing Services.

Over the years, the Boardwalk Mas has showcased marching bands, fire-eaters, martial arts, carnival royals, comedians, string bands, carnival band of the year, street theater, dance, a range of folkloric and cultural groups, fashion shows displaying traditional dress or headwraps, masqueraders, and moko jumbies.

Labega says that the STB is happy that the focus of the Mas remains on the folkloric traditions, adding that “In this way the Boardwalk Mas is open to all participants and creative innovations but the basic idea is that the masqueraders and performances enhance unity with and around the old-time festive culture of our island.”

Parade coordinator Urmain Dormoy mentions that last year they had more masks than ever before, with the big hits being the masks representing creatures from Caribbean folktales and jumbie stories, and predicts that this year’s Boardwalk Mas will also see an increase in the number of masks/masqueraders.

Parade coordinator Urmain Dormoy may be contacted at

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