Orquesta Mapeyé at Casa Aboy

Orquesta Mapeyé will perform on April 30, 2010 at 7:30pm at Casa Aboy in Miramar, Santurce, Puerto Rico. This event and others at Casa Aboy is part of a concerted series of cultural events organized throughout the metropolitan area under the title “arteSanturce-de Barrio Obrero a la 15.”

Since 2009, “arteSanturce” has drawn out the participation institutions such as Casa Aboy, the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, Andanza, the major museums in the San Juan area—MAC and MAPR, the San Juan Ballets, the Center of Fine Arts, Espinosa and Arriví Theaters, and Sacred Heart University, to work together and coordinate their cultural events for the benefit of the public.

Grupo Mapeyé, one of leading exponents of Puerto Rican folk music, was founded in 1978 by José Antonio Rivera Colón, also known as Tony Mapeyé. Mapeyé has faithfully maintained the traditional style and instrumentation of the jíbaro folk music of Puerto Rico.  

Tony Mapeyé himself was born in 1948 in Morovis, Puerto Rico. Trained as a teacher, he worked with the  Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, helping to promote cultural programs throughout the island. During most of that time, he also performed with Grupo Mapeyé; combining his love for the cuatro and music with his vocation to promote the rich cultural heritage of his homeland.

Mapeyé continues to perform throughout the island and abroad, serving as proud representatives of Puerto Rico’s musical culture.

For more information on Mapeyé, see http://www.musicofpuertorico.com/index.php/artists/mapeye

For more events of http://www.artesanturce.net/inicio.html

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