Guy Beckles’ Kinetic Art

Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday has published a profile of artist Guy Beckles, who describes his creations as 21st century art that moves. He uses a combination of science and technology to create kinetic art, pieces with moving parts that depend on motion for their effect. Movement of the art work may be mechanically powered for example, by electricity, air or water motion.  Here are excerpts from their article.

Beckles, who says he is the only practising kinetic artist in the English-speaking Caribbean, explained: “Kinetic means movement. Its art in motion; it tells a story and presents a theme in motion. It is exciting art that moves.” According to Beckles kinetic art encompasses a very wide variety of techniques and styles. He also describes it as machine art.  “Unlike the usual art exhibitions where the senses of emotions and sight are summoned kinetic art is a multi-dimensional bombardment of the senses. Because of the movement a viewer can’t capture everything in one glance. You might see something, look away and when you look again you might see something else. It leaves the viewer to wanting to see more,” he said.
“The nature of my work is more suited for commercial spaces and to improve the aesthetics of offices and buildings. My work is more suited for spaces where people have to wait a while, like doctors offices and banks. People can have something to look at that keeps them interested and occupied. Kinetic holds your interest for a longer period as oppose to a still painting. I have a strong background in physics and mathematics, so a lot of my motion is generated by basic physic principles of movement and leverage.”
Beckles has created various forms of kinetics, from gravity to natural energy generated motion. His work will be on exhibit at Inter-Dependent-SEE – The Concept of Mobility, which will open to the public on April 21 at the Art Society, located at the corner of Jamaica Boulevard. and St. Vincent Avenue, Federation Park. The unique works will be on display every day from 10 am to 5:30 pm until May 4.

“Viewers will be treated to an experience of my journey and growth, my changing tastes and quirky approaches to timely, interesting and topical themes,” he said. “It is my hope that this body of work will satisfy our inherent need to laugh and have fun. Today, these emotions are too often absent from most people’s lives. My art brings both adults and children into this uplifting dimension; to propel the mind to wonder about life, to take oneself lightly, to include play, fun and games, into one’s everyday existence,” he said. “This exhibition will be of particular interest to anyone with an interest in movement, logic, order, harmony and inter-connectedness. Schools should try to attend because it would be valuable to students.”
Schools and groups wishing to make advance bookings and to meet with the artist can call 622-9827 or 370-7728 for further information.

For more go to,118945.html

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