New Film: Skip Font’s Tadjana

In “Cepa refrescante de cineastas boricuas” [Refreshing Crop of Puerto Rican Filmmakers] Primerahora showcases a new generation of actors and directors in the Puerto Rican film industry.  Actress Lián Machín and director Skip Font are producing Tadjana (Dream Lights Productions), a new film that explores the topic of mental health. Written by Font, the script is inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’s short story “Sólo vine a hablar por teléfono” [I Only Came to Use the Phone].

Font explains that it is a thriller for which he researched issues related to mental health. He was also eager to “raise awareness about [the circumstances in which] some people are living” in his first feature film. Tadjana is about a woman (Hannah Miranda) that is mistakenly placed in a psychiatric ward. There, she coincides and interacts other women that are suffering from specific disorders. Through these interactions, the spectator learns the reasons that led the patients to this mental state. Although Machín stresses the film’s entertainment value, she also says that this film manages to show on the big screen situations with which many households are living daily.

Machín and Font agree that this project and others by a new crop of filmmakers offer a fresh and different vision in the Puerto Rico’s national film industry. Machín explains that this new generation is broaching ideas and topics that others had previously not dared touch. Font also underlines that “We are at one of the best moments, when a new generation of directors and producers is emerging,” with an interest in producing high quality products, and bringing “a new euphoria and a new enthusiasm.”

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