The Centre for Cultural Anthropology in Camagüey

A beautiful historical building (close to the Cathedral and to the Agramante Park) is presently being restored to house the Centre for Cultural Anthropology [Centro de Antropología Cultural] in the colonial center of Camagüey, which has been declared Patrimony of Humanity. Its privileged location was the reason the building was chosen to be used as a research center to preserve the patrimony of the different ethnical and cultural groups of this area.

The building once belonged to the Camagüey poet Aurelia del Castillo, who inherited it from her father; years later the property belonged to the Rovirosa family. Following its renovation in 1930, the building has an eclectic facade and art nouveau ornamentation. Some of its first colonial characteristics were replaced by architectonic elements influenced by the United States during the first half of XX century.

The Centre for Cultural Anthropology will have four halls with permanent exhibitions, taking into account the four regions that created Cuban culture: Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. It will also have a transitory hall which will exhibit social and cultural projects as well as other topics.

The centre will research and promote the historic memory of the city and each hall will cover a specific aspect, as it is the case of the Spanish hall, which will attest to the presence of the five regions that made a bigger influence in the formation of the people from Camagüey: Galicia, Canary Islands, Asturias, Catalonia, and Cantabria.

The centre is open to the public between 2pm and 8pm, so that visitors can see the difficult restoration process of mural paintings carried out by the students of the Trade School of the Office of Historian of the City (OHCC, its initials in Spanish).

For full article, seeüey _city.html

For more on the Centre for Cultural Anthropology in Camagüey, see http://www.ohCamagüeyüey .asp

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