Film: Hard Rock Havana at the Tribeca Film Festival

Hard Rock Havana (2009), short film on the history of Cuban heavy metal band Zeus, will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. This documentary was shot in Havana, Cuba, by Nicholas Brennan, a 21 year old director from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with both Cuban and U.S. crew members. A joint production between the United States and Cuba, it is the result of a three month-long visit by Brennan to Cuba in 2009, when he also took extensive photographs of life on the Caribbean island

Hard Rock Havana focuses on the Zeus band, a heavy metal band established in Havana in 1988. Zeus’s Luis Alberto Ramírez (guitar), Iván Vera (guitars), Miguel de Oca (bass), Aramis Hernández (drums), and Iván Carvi (lead singer) have performed on Cuban stages for over than twenty years, toured Spain in 2000, and France/Spain in 2003-2004, but remain virtually unknown on the international arena.

The Tribeca Film Festival, which will take place from April 21 to May 2 in New York, will welcome a total of 47 short movies in its various sections, selected among a list of more than 2,700 films. The short description for Hard Rock Havana on the festival roster reads:

Five government bureaucrats playing in a heavy metal band? It’s no joke: It’s the story of Cuba’s rock scene. Once persecuted for their tattoos and long hair, Cuban rockers now have their shows booked by the Ministry of Culture’s Agency of Rock. The most popular of these bands, Zeus, has been playing in Havana for more than two decades. With the majority of the band now in their 40s, questions arise about the band’s future.

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