The Guardian recommends Dominican children’s book

The Guardian newspaper, in a Easter review of “a parade of delightful creatures will stir young imaginations,” includes a book written by Dominican children from the Carib Territory. This is what the newspaper had to say about The Snake King of the Kalinago:

This is a stunning one-off – the retelling of an east Caribbean myth. It is the captivating work of children from Atkinson school, Bataka, in Dominica. Bakwa is a magical snake, the “diamond-crested guardian of the Kalinago people”. He slithers in jewelled majesty across a white page, ascends to a mountain cave and acquires a golden crown. When war breaks out (magnificently painted – bellicose figures against furious scarlet and black squiggles), this snake sleeps on, his rest symbolic – he will not wake until peace is won. (4 up)

The Snake King of the Kalinago is available from Papillote Press at

For more from the Guardian’s article go to

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