New Cuban Film: Juan Carlos Cremata’s Chamaco

Chamaco, the fourth fiction feature film of Cuban Juan Carlos Cremata, author of Nada, Viva Cuba and El premio flaco, who made his debut in 1990 after graduating at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and Television School, was internationally exhibited at the Miami Film Festival, and also seen for the first time at the opening of Havana’s 9th Exhibition of New Filmmakers.

The copies of Chamaco that were screened in Havana and Miami are still unfinished; the director is seeking financing for its completion. According to an article by Yanely Interian, Chamaco was filmed in just ten days and none of the young collaborators involved charged for their work.

Set in Havana, Chamaco is the film version of a play by Abel González Melo. The filmmaker explains that the plot revolves around the death of a young man at Havana’s Parque Central [Central Park]. Since the story takes place around Christmas, in the early morning, the film is very dark. In one chapter, entitled “Oscuridad” [Darkness], “the spectators would probably see nothing, as we expect them to feel what’s happening.” Reviews state that Chamaco that has ingredients for success, starting with González Melo’s writing, and a balance of tragedy and suspense, with subtle but revealing flashbacks.

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