Dominica’s Hike Fest returns

The annual Hike Fest event will be returning to the island of Dominica for the third year in May. Hike Fest celebrates some of the best hiking the island has to offer and welcomes hiking enthusiasts from across the globe. This year, Hike Fest will focus on getting a taste of the upcoming Waitukubuli National Trail, which – once completed – will be the first and only long distance walking trail in the Caribbean. The Trail will run from the north to the south of the island, covering approximately 185km. It will be divided into 14 sections so walkers can undertake one section each day, taking two weeks to complete the entire trail.
Hike Fest’s first hike will take place on May 1st 2010 and will be from Salybia to Pagua Bay (both in the north east of Dominica), while other hike trails included in the festival visit Soufriere, Scotts Head, Cabrits National Park and Capuchin. The hiking trails vary in levels of difficulty and are open to hikers of all ages and abilities, from the novice to the most experienced of hikers.
While the skill level needed to tackle each trail may vary, each route offers a rewarding tour of the island’s awe-inspiring surroundings, from its majestic mountains, rolling hills and lush forests to the spectacular waterfalls
 Hikes cost EC$40 each or EC$90 for all three hikes. Included in the price for each hike is transportation, t-shirt, tea and experienced guides.  Hike Fest is part of Dominica’s Tourism Awareness Month activities, a month-long festival organized by the DHTA (Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association), Waitukubuli National Trail Project and the DDA (Discover Dominica Authority).
A variety of events will be happening throughout the month – highlights include the Creole and Jazz Experience at the Cabrits National Park on May 23rd (where six artists will be performing from 12 noon until 8pm) and a Food & Wellness Fair on May 22nd (held on the grounds of UWI campus, which will include workshops for massages and displays of natural and local products and crafts).
For more information about Hike Fest and Tourism Month visit:

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