Tipografía: Art Exhibit for the Festival of the Word

Lillian Nieves, co-founder of e-zine Trance Líquido, is in charge of “Tipografía” [Typography] an innovative art exhibit meant to enrich the Experimental Pavilion at the upcoming Festival de la Palabra [Festival of the Word].  It will be held at Cuartel de Ballajá on May 4-9, 2010.

“Tipografía” invites artists from the island and abroad to submit different types of work, including letters, as part of their artistic proposal. Nieves is expecting performances, installations, video art, and other innovative pieces; she explains, “We do not want the traditional, we want to be more experimental so there’s something new and refreshing.” Nieves and Trance Líquido co-founder Arnaldo Román will select the works according to artistic quality, creativity, innovation, and experimentation with the media and topics. The call for submissions has been sent via Facebook, blogs, email, and word of mouth in order to get as much participation as possible.

Submissions will be accepted until April 15 and the selected artists will be informed via email on April 17. The works will be set up May 1-3, in time for the festival, which organizers believe will be heavily attended.

For full article, see http://www.elnuevodia.com/palabraqueinvadeelarteplastico-692957.html

See call for submissions at http://dondeveoarte.com/

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