Haitian Ambassador Believes Wyclef Was Targeted

Caribbean World News reports that Haitian Ambassador to the U.S., Ray Joseph, believes his nephew Wyclef Jean, was targeted by other NGOs. Joseph`s comments come in response to criticism that the Grammy-winning Haitian-born singer misappropriated funds donated to his YELE Haiti foundation.

NewsChannel5.com quoted the ambassador as saying he believes Jean as targeted by other NGOs wanting to filter more money through their organizations. `I`m not a financial accountant, I haven`t seen everything, but I think they had people go through the books and they did find some irregularities that were repaired, but as far as wholesale corruption – I say `no, “ Joseph told News Channel 5. He added that he knows his nephews “heart is good and he`s been doing good work in Haiti long, long before these people who have appeared on the scene.”

A February report by the SmokingGun.com claimed that the former Fugees rapper supposedly used Yéle Haiti money to pay himself out for a concert to raise funds for the organization. He has since denied those allegations. And recently, there were new allegations that the 37-year-old married singer shelled out the charity`s money to a woman deemed to be his mistress.

For the original report go to http://www.caribbeanworldnews.com/entertainment_one.php?sid=2126&a=2&cut=301&ad=entertainment

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