Amigas del Tabaco: Celebrating Women in the Cigar Industry

An ongoing initiative from the Cigar Museum and the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana has been the creation of Amigas del Habano, an exchange space focusing women who have worked in the cigar industry, especially with the pure habano. The project, which will offer related events through November 2010, aims to inform the public about women’s roles in the tobacco legacy, which is very closely related to Cuban national identity and to recognize the historic participation of women in the creation of cigars.

Several events related to the 16th International Tobacco Festival and the 11th Tobacco Flowers Colloquium took place earlier this year: a first meeting with Cuban women, who were joined by managers of tobacco houses in different European countries and, afterward, a second meeting incorporating a female tobacco maker, a female tobacco reader, members from the National Tobacco Syndicate, scientific researchers, cultural promoters, journalists, sommeliers who combine rums or wines with cigar tastings, Zoe Nocedo Primo and others, for discussions about the industry.

Bruselas Regalado and (director of Havana’s Cigar Museum) were chosen as presidents of the Amigas del Habano project. A web site will be designed to inform everyone about the activities of Amigas del Habano.

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For information on the tradition of reading in cigar factories, see

Zoe Nocedo Primo at left (photo taken by sandroantiaguero).

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