Concert in the Dominican Republic: “A Song of Hope for Haiti”

Singers Juanes (Colombia), Alejandro Sanz (Spain), Miguel Bosé (Spain), and Luis Fonsi (Puerto Rican) have confirmed their participation in the concert organized by Dominican singer and songwriter Juan Luis Guerra.  Juan Luis Guerra’s press office indicated that the event, organized to help the Caribbean nation struck by a January 12 earthquake, will also include Dominican artists Milly Quezada, Maridalia Hernández, and Johnny Ventura. Guerra’s group, 4-40, will accompany each of the artists. The concert, Un canto de esperanza por Haití [A Song of Hope for Haiti], is aimed at raising funds for the children of Haiti. It will take place on April 18, 2010, in Santo Domingo’s Olympic Stadium.

One of their most recent joint projects was the construction of around one hundred homes for families affected by tropical storms Olga and Noel, which struck the Dominican Republic in 2007. Amarilys Germán, Juan Luis Guerra’s agent, emphasized that since the concert was announced, numerous artists have contacted the Dominican musician to offer to participate in the initiative.

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