New Book: Ernest Pépin’s Toxic Island

Ernest Pépin will hold book signing sessions of his new novel Toxic Island (April 2010, Éditions Desnel) au Salon du Livre de Paris at the Terres d’Océan (JASOR) Bookstore (Stand E72-E82) today, Saturday, March 27 from 5:30 to 7:00pm and Tuesday, March 30 from 7:00 to 8:00pm. See book description by Éditions Desnel with a link to their site below:

Superstition, sex, idleness, drugs, alcohol, and go-go parties: the daily life of an Areopagus of youth, among the most vulnerable left on the fringes of society, in this paradise island where streams of anger, hope, despair, love, humor, but especially a total collective amnesia in the shelter of the homeland.

Toxic Island, a fictional work by the Guadeloupean writer Ernest Pépin, presents—but is not limited to—the more complex aspects of the country that entered modernity by wiping the slate clean of its history and its past, and that, beyond the sporadic explosions of violence, begins to examine but reverts immediately afterwards to oblivion. . .

Ernest Pépin, born in 1950 in Guadeloupe, is author of a remarkable corpus of novelistic and poetic work. His publications include L’Homme au bâton [The Man with the Cane, 1992], Tambour-Babel [Babel-Drum, 1996], and Le Tango de la haine [The Tango of Hatred, 1999], all by Éditions Gallimard, and Cantique des tourterelles [Song of the Doves, 2004], by Écriture.

For description and purchasing information, see

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