Shifting the Geography of Reason: Music, Rhythm, and Movement (CFP)

The Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) announces its 2010 conference—Shifting the Geography of Reason: Music, Rhythm, and Movement—which will take place in Cartagena, Colombia, on August 11-14, 2010. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2010.

The organizers invite proposals (in English, French, and Spanish) from scholars in any discipline who aim to “shift the geography of reason” by exploring critical, theoretical, and creative questions about or relating to the Caribbean, its Diaspora, and the “global south” more generally, including the South in the North.  They particularly welcome North-South and South-South intersections and/or dialogues. In recognition of the central importance of music, dance, festivals, and performance in the Caribbean, this meeting will focus on shifting the geography and bio-graphy of reason through music, rhythm, and movement.  

Abstracts should succinctly state the problem(s) addressed and identify the sources used in one paragraph to one page per individual presentation. All titles must include the name of the presenter, the highest university degree obtained, and the current institutional affiliation, if any. The organization will also consider submissions of two to three interconnected panels on key issues that relate to the main theme of the conference. 

Send submissions for panels and abstracts of individual presentations by April 15, 2010 by email to

More information and the form to submit membership payments can be found at

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