Ed Morales Responds to Invalidation of Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

Ed Morales writer, filmmaker, and author of Living in Spanglish (2002) and co-director of the documentary Whose Barrrio? (about the gentrification of East Harlem) has written several articles on the recent invalidation of Puerto Rican birth certificates.

In both articles he argues that Puerto Ricans are being saddled with an unfair burden by having their birth certificates invalidated en masse by the U.S. State Department and the so-called government of Puerto Rico,” and in his recent article, “Puerto Rican Birthers,” he asks  whether it the U.S. State Department or the Puerto Rico State Department that is spreading disinformation. He cites Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock’s responses to his op ed, where he states, “It isn’t our government but the US State Department that has expressed that nearly 40 percent of ID fraud cases they’ve investigated relating to birth certificates involve birth certificates from PR.” In response, Morales states that “in the rationale for the creation of the law that is cited in the legal document itself it says that the State Department says that of 8,000 of ‘passport fraud’ cases it has studied (and there are no dates for this), 40% have involved the use of fraudulent Puerto Rican passports.” The author of Living in Spanglish still wonders “why is the government of Puerto Rico spreading misinformation as justification for this new law?

For the recent article, “Puerto Rico Birthers,” go to http://emorales7.wordpress.com/  and for previous article, “Puerto Rico’s false crisis over ids,” go to http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2010/03/puerto_ricos_false_crisis_over.html

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