New Album: Silvio Rodríguez’s Segunda Cita

La Ventana announces that on Friday, March 26, 2010, Silvio Rodríguez will present his latest album Segunda Cita [Second Date] in press conference at 3: 00pm at Havana’s Casa de las Américas. The exchange with the Cuban troubadour will take place at the Che Guevara Room at Casa, but it will also be accessible worldwide via Yahoo Messenger. The cultural institution has enabled the account segundacitaencasa, whereby anyone may send questions to Silvio on the 26th. To bring this event to all those who want news on Rodríguez’s new album, La Ventana will air the presentation live.

Rodríguez, who has been working on the album during the past two years, says that the new album includes the song “San Petersburgo,” which is dedicated to Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, based on one of his scripts. He also wrote pieces dedicated to Chilean singer Violeta Parra (who died in 1967), such as “Carta a Violeta Parra.” He also explains that the song “Les beso a sus hijos, que han sido mis amigos,” renders tribute to Cuban guitarist César Portillo de la Luz, proponent of the musical genre known as filin.

To register and send questions, address the Yahoo Messenger nickname “segundacitaencasa”
For more information, you may write to or see

For more information on the CD, see

One thought on “New Album: Silvio Rodríguez’s Segunda Cita

  1. Silvio Solidarizate con Las Damas de Blanco que luchan por Los Derechos Humanos en Cuba,


    Maura Morales

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