3rd Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase

Mildrey Ponce (Cubanow.net) reports on the third edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, which includes a total of 61 audiovisual works from 19 Caribbean countries to be exhibited in regional countries this year. The Travelling  Caribbean Film Showcase is sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Film Art and Industry (ICAIC), UNESCO, UNICEF, TELESUR, Republic Bank Ministry, and the Cuban Ministry of Culture, with the collaboration of CARICOM and Caribbean academic institutions. One of the main objectives of the showcase is to promote audiovisual works that in their aesthetic values express the Caribbean cultural identity and propitiate a dialogue on topics connected with audiovisual and films in the Caribbean. Ponce explains that the showcase presents a cinema little known internationally that has survived on the fringes of the prevailing audiovisual market. Here are excerpts of her report with a link to the full article below.

Cuba, Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Surinam are among the countries most represented in this new edition. For the first time, the showcase includes a film from St. Martin. The chosen cartoons, documentaries, and fiction films were made known in Havana, main headquarters of the event. The International Committee that selected the works was this time made up of Carla Foderingham, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company; Normand de Palm, writer-producer from Curaçao; Haitian filmmaker and writer Rassoul Labuchin; and Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez, president of this festival.

[. . .] Rassoul Labuchin, who came to Havana with visible signs on his body of the quake that devastated his country, stressed, “the festival is the most valuable means to distribute regional films, and encourages regional unity, as we all share the same Caribbean soul.”

Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto López affirmed [. . .] “This time, we have also received letters from several academic and cultural institutions outside the region, expressing support for the project, and asking that the films are exhibited in their countries.” The author of Roble de Olor exemplified with countries like Cyprus, Turkey, and the US, and stated the materials included in the showcase will keep having a special program in the framework of the Black Film Festival annually held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

López also informed that parallel to the organization of this edition, the event’s main headquarters is coordinating a special showcase on Haiti, with works by filmmakers from that country and others. “It is our friendly reply to that sister nation, and we hope it is chiefly taken to the whole Caribbean and Latin America.”

The third edition will tour regional countries, mainly during the second semester of the year. It is expected to arrive in Cuba in July, when it will reach each provincial capital.

For full article, see http://www.cubanow.net/pages/loader.php?sec=1&t=2&item=8218

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