“Black Hands Project” Turns Trash into Art on Guyana Beaches

Christopher Goodridge, a UK-based Guyanese, who returned to Guyana to take part in the Mashramani celebrations, has embarked on a beach-cleaning creative activity by turning garbage found on the beach into life-sized art. Goodridge and a team of volunteers have formed the “Black Hands Project” and have been removing litter from the seawall.  He said that he is using his initiative to teach people not to litter. Goodridge and his team also head out every Sunday and hand out plastic bags to people who hang out along the seawall to encourage proper disposal of their garbage. The team also hands out flyers.

After picking up the litter and burying dead dogs, Goodridge and his team added a little paint to some of the tires and driftwood and began strategically placing and arranging them on the beach. The beach then went from clean to visually pleasing. While the unwanted rubbish was bagged and sent off to the dumpsite, those that Goodridge saw as art remain on the beach as he plans to make life-sized works with them.

According to Goodridge, this is a long-term project to develop awareness of the environment. He hopes that the consistent works of his team will encourage people think about ways to dispose of their litter properly or follow his lead and make it art.

For full article, see http://www.stabroeknews.com/2010/stories/03/21/black-hands-project-turns-seawall-litter-into-art/

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