Puerto Rico Celebrates Abolition of Slavery

Monday (March 22, 2010) is a holiday in Puerto Rico and events all over the island this weekend have been celebrating the abolition of slavery (1873). Some of the events include today’s Tercer Toque Cultural de Bomba, a cultural festival that showcases bomba and other types of drumming/dancing of African origin in San Juan’s Plaza de Armas del Viejo. Events include an artisans’ fair and an art exhibition by local visual artists.

The festival activities will also include a roundtable discussion on the varying characteristics of bomba in various regions of Puerto Rico, “La bomba: características de cada region,” with the participation of Isabel Albizu (Ponce), Ramón Alers (Mayagüez), and Pablo L. Rivera (Loíza). Music and dance shows will begin at 1:00pm with performances by folkloric groups that celebrate our African heritage such as Grupo Bambalué, Ballet Juvenil Majestad Negra, and Grupo Yaguembé. Bomba Tour will close the evening’s events.

For article (in Spanish), see http://www.primerahora.com/diario/noticia/musica/espectaculosasi/conmemoran_abolicion_de_la_esclavitud_con_conversatorio_sobre_la_bomba_y_artesanias_en_san_juan/375802

Image: “Baile de bomba” by Isabel Vázquez Maldonado from http://isabel-vazquezm.artelista.com/

Watch the Hermanos Ayala group perform “Rulé Sondá” at

For a unstaged performances of bomba, see


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