Possibly unknown photos of José Martí come to light

In the context of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the founding on the Vigía Press in Matanzas, Paul Dosel, professor of Latin American history at South Florida University will offer a lecture on Martí’s sojourn in Tampa which will include dozens of photos. The presentation is expected to include some previously unseen photos of the Cuban national haero taken during the time he loved in Tampa.

Agustina Ponce, director  of Editorial Vigía, announced that the essay offers a new perspective on Martí’s time in Florida, focused on his writing of two seminal political essays during this period: “With All and for the Good of All” and “New Pines.” The study also discusses Martí’s engagement with Tampa’s political life, including his support for the liberation of Puerto Rico and his work towards the independence of Cuba.

The photos in question had been in the Dosel family since they migrated to Florida in 1889.

For more (in Spanish) go to http://www.radiorebelde.cu/noticia/aparecen-posibles-fotos-ineditas-marti-20100319/

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