New Film: Wayne G. Saunders’ Crunch

Wayne G. Saunders’s film Crunch, a film about a young Jamaican man seeking to succeed in England, will premiere in Jamaica and the United Kingdom this month. The film description reads: “London Town can be a fair lady, but these days, the grind of everyday life? It’s mostly dirty. Times are hard, but so much harder for T-row –arriving from Jamaica to make his dreams come true. But the Crunch bites—harder than T-row can handle. Beaten up, homeless, with a fledgling romance to balance and a career to forge, can he overcome what has happened to him and regain control?”

Apparently, writer, director, producer, and editor Wayne G. Saunders wrote the script for Crunch in just a couple of hours. Saunders, born in England of Jamaican parents, has won awards from the BBC, ITN, and Production Base and was included in the British Film Institute book Teaching Black Cinema. He has been hailed for his “innovative editing style.” Founder of BossCrowns Productions, Saunders gained fame within the British film industry with his short film Girls & Knives, which was aired on ITN News. BossCrowns Productions independent films have been shown in cinemas across the UK and Europe. Saunders’ drama and film production workshops have trained and mentored over 1550 participants around the UK.

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See Crunch trailer here 

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