St. Kitts and Nevis See Progress in Universal Health Care

Governor General Sir Cuthbert Sebastian has announced plans to improve the already high quality health care of St. Kitts and Nevis, saying that “ongoing efforts will progressively upgrade the services.”

Plans include the formation of National Health Insurance for all citizens and the addition of more advanced treatment capabilities such as haemodialysis and modern diagnostic tools, including MRI facilities. Minister of Health Marcella Liburd explains, “Our vision for healthcare is a fit and healthy nation and so the coverage of everybody is part of that vision.” Although healthcare is a very costly commitment, she stresses that it is an important one because “the wealth of the nation is not in the treasury” but rather in the healthcare system. Minister Liburd notes that greater efforts will be placed on getting men to access health services and on strengthening primary healthcare, adding, “We have renewed our commitment to primary healthcare to try to prevent people from getting advance stages of illness which is so very costly.” She also stresses that “The plan also envisages covering costs for persons who have to go overseas for treatment when the treatment is not available locally” as well as covering dental health and eye care.

For full article, see–35-35–.html

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