New Book: The Fusion of Hip-Hop Culture and the Rastafarian Movement

Guadeloupean scholar and performer Steve Gadet has just published La Fusion de la culture hip-hop et du mouvement Rastafari [The Fusion of Hip-Hop Culture and the Rastafarian Movement]. With a preface de Gilbert Elbaz, this study explores the origins and development of hip-hop culture and Rastafarianism within various frameworks: new social movements, religious practices, multiculturalism, intercultural practices, cultural diversity and capitalism, deterritorialization, and creolization.

Based on Gadet’s award-winning doctoral dissertation Hip-Hop and Rastafari Movements in Anglophone America (for the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane), this fascinating work focuses on the links between two cultural practices that provide distinct groups—the Diaspora composed of descendants of transplanted Africans in the United States and Jamaica (and around the world)—with a common ground. The movements created by these groups constitute efforts to conciliate their spatial-temporal contexts and their spiritual aspirations.

Editions L’Harmattan describes the book as follows:

Hip-hop culture was born in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York at the end of the 1970s; the Rastafarian movement was born during the 1930s in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Jamaica. In the United States, since the 90s, more and more followers of the Rastafarian movement express their creativity and their beliefs through the disciplines of hip-hop culture. In the light of the concepts of mediation, intercultural movements, and créolization, how does one begin to understand and analyze the proximity of these two major cultural and social phenomena? How do these intercultural exchanges occur?

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