New Album: Evelyne Baille’s Ma vie a changé

Haitian Evangelical singer Evelyne Baille will launch her second album, Ma vie a changé [My Life Has Changed] in the United States on March 20. Produced by jazz guitarist Jean Bémol Telfort, this compact disc gathers ten songs in Creole, including “Lanmou Bondye,” “Lakòl,” “Sous la vi mwen,” and “Plus de lumière.” Baille will be present for the CD sale and signing at the Moca Café, located at 738 Northeast 125th Street in North Miami, Florida. Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to Haitian earthquake relief.

Sociologist, anthropologist, fashion stylist, and educator, Evelyne Baille was born in Port-au-Prince. The singer forged a name in Haitian gospel music, singing in choirs such as the “Messiah” International Chorale (Pétion-Ville) and maestro Lionel Clervoix’s “Zetwal” group. Her first album, Yon Lòt Fwa Ankò [Once Again] was a great hit for which she received several awards as Best Singer of Haitian Evangelical music.

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One thought on “New Album: Evelyne Baille’s Ma vie a changé

  1. I purchased your cd last week during pastor Greg Toussaint revival week. What an addition to my spiritual life!!! I called a lot of my friends to check your website. You are a jewel in the community and being under the direction of pastor Greg couldn’t make it any better. May God continue to bless you abundantly and i can’t wait to visit your lines of clothing and i could say with a shout my life had changed totally, the title of your cd was the icing in top of this marvelous cake.What a week! i still can’t get over it.

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