Art Exhibition: “Por la Libre”

Galería Yemayá presents “Por la Libre,” a dual exhibition by Bobby Cruz and Carlos Rubio. The show opens on March 18 and will run through April 17, 2010. Here the artists will show their latest work, producing a dialogue between the two while using different media. The gallery is located at 520 Andalucía Avenue in San Juan, Puerto Rico (00920).

Cruz presents a collection of paintings in different formats, organized around a “retro” theme, which is characteristic in his work.  One of his central pieces, “Liberar” [to free or release], expresses the main message of this collection, which includes paintings and assemblage. Rubio, on the other hand, focuses on sculpture with an innovative twist, recycling “bumpers” from cars collected from illegal dumping grounds close to his studio, an increasingly common phenomenon in certain fields or neighborhood outskirts in Puerto Rico. By combining several bumpers, he creates large sculptures that stimulate the observer “to travel through time and enter the playful world of the artist.”  

For full description (in Spanish), see;jsessionid=F52CAF10627C94DE284F8AA5D0AF5AF8?type=Eventos

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