London Taxis “Feel the Love” of Bermuda

London’s famous black taxis will soon get the “Feel the Love” treatment as Bermuda’s tourism campaign brightens their appearance. According to Bermuda’s Royal Gazette, ten of London’s top taxi drivers’ vehicles will be painted pink and inked with the phrase “Feel the Love” and a picture of Bermuda shorts, as part of the latest Department of Tourism initiative. The cabs will stay that way year-round.

The top ten drivers will also be awarded trips to the island to experience pink sand and turquoise water first-hand. The hope is that they become Bermuda’s newest “ambassadors” in England. Bermuda Department of Tourism has partnered with the airlines and the hotel sector for the planned visit of the ten drivers.

Another 100 taxis will simply have the “Feel the Love” logo on their side-panels during the peak months of April to June and September to November.

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