Casa’s Ayiti Cheri Project

This is a reminder that Casa de las Américas’ Center for Caribbean Studies [Centro de Estudios del Caribe], will host a series of cultural events as part of their “Ayiti cheri” Project on Tuesday, March 16 at Che Guevara Room at Casa de las Américas, Havana, Cuba. [See previous post Havana’s Casa de las Américas Begins Cultural Project in Solidarity with Haiti.]

At 4:00pm Casa will host a panel focusing on Haitian writer Louis-Philippe Dalambert’s Les Dieux voyagent la nuit [The Gods Travel by Night]. Translated into Spanish as Los dioses viajan de noche, this book won the 2008 Casa de las Américas Prize for Literature. At 5:00pm “music and poetry are intertwined” in a concert dedicated to the Haitian people. At this event, the Nicolás Guillén Foundation will present a recording of Guillén reciting his poem “Elegía a Jacques Roumain” [Elegy to Jacques Roumain]. A reading dedicated to Alejo Carpentier’s attention to Haitian culture in his literary works will follow. There will also be a presentation of the songs of Martha Jean Claude and “everything this figure signified in the relationship between our two countries [Cuba and Haiti].”  The orchestra directed by Guido López Gavilán will perform an instrumental version of the classic Haitian song “Ayiti cheri.” The highlight of the evening will be the concert voices in which the winners of the National Prize for Literature will bring together the individual feelings and fragments of their work to express their support for the Haitian people.

The “Ayiti cheri” Project is an initiative to help Haiti’s process of reconstruction, while paying tribute to the country’s “richness and cultural diversity, its traditions, its history and its memory, its past and present.” The project aims to “contribute to preserve, disseminate, and promote the core values of the country that made possible a revolution that advanced [the ideals of] human dignity.”

For more information, see and

For Casa de las Américas’ message of solidarity with Haiti (in Spanish), see

Also see Martha Jean Claude performing the moving song, “Carta Haitiana” (with related short interviews), at

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