UNESCO empowers Kalinago Youths

During the last four years, UNESCO, through the regional Youth Path program in the Caribbean, has been playing a pivotal role in empowering indigenous youths. In Dominica, the Youth Path program is based in the Carib Territory and is managed by Kevin Dangleben. According to Mr. Dangleben, the program specifically focuses on unemployed and out of school youths. Participants are trained in various aspects of heritage management which will assist them in generating some form of income from the tourism industry. Among the programs implemented are those training young people on traditional Kalinago cooking, ethno-botany, hammock making and tour guide training. Presently, twenty-five participants from the hamlet of Sinecou are participating in an eight week training program in the design and production of unique and authentic Kalinago artisanal products.

In addition, the Salybia Primary School is the venue for another program where Kalinago Children are being introduced to Kalinago music, song and dance. A third program focuses on those in the community who are already involved in the tourism industry and offers an eight week crash course in conversational Spanish. At the end of the programs, a closing ceremony is scheduled for the Kalinago Barana Aute where the participants are expected to put on display their new found skills and will be awarded their certificates.

For more go to http://dominicanewsonline.com/?p=5934

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