Jamaica Diversifies Energy Base

Minister of Energy and Mining, James Robertson, recently introduced the US$49 million Wigton Wind Farm expansion project in Jamaica. The project will include the installation of nine new two-megawatt wind turbines that will increase the total amount of energy produced by Wigton to 38.7 megawatts. The power will be sold to the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) for domestic use.

The expansion will mean approximately 55 gigawatt hours of energy, enough to power about 24,000 homes. It will save of about 32,400 barrels of oil (valued at US$2.3 million) thus avoiding 45,954 tonnes of carbon emissions, as wind energy is cleaner than energy derived from oil. The expansion of the Wigton Wind Farm will increase Jamaica’s energy output from renewable sources and help the country to meet its target of 11 per cent of energy needs from renewable sources by 2010. At present, only 5 per cent of Jamaica’s energy comes from renewable sources.

The project advances the new energy thrust by the Government and the Ministry of Energy and Mining, as stated in the National Energy Policy. According to Robertson, “a cornerstone of this policy is diversifying our energy base. We will find new ways to power our economy and to reduce the amount of energy we use. We will explore indigenous sources of energy and clean technologies, thereby injecting life into research institutions and generating new, green jobs at a time when new jobs are so sorely needed.” He further explained that “this policy will also enable us to reduce pollution and thereby protect the health of all Jamaicans as they go about their daily business. It will demonstrate that Jamaica is a responsible global citizen as we minimize our emissions of greenhouse gases, and reduce our carbon footprint.”

For full article, see http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/news-21989–9-9–.html

For photo and related article, see  http://www.caribbean360.com/index.php/business/17392.html

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